Basket care

Cleaning: Brush gently. Add a few drops of oil* to a cloth and wipe the body and handle gently, avoiding the leather parts. *Any wood hydrating oil, mineral oil or beeswax will do.

Maintenance: Every two months or whenever needed, repeat the steps above.

Storage: Before storing, clean your bag. Keep it in a dry place. If stored in a humid place, mould (fungus) tends to appear. This is normal since it is a natural material. If this happens bring your bag to a dry place and wait 2 to 3 days. Then remove the mould (fungus) by brushing it gently.

Nude leather only: Nude leather was not dyed and will get tanned with sun exposure and over time, very much like our own skin.

Reed is hard to dye and color fixation is still being researched. Prevent color transfer to your clothes by avoiding contact with light colors. The loss of color may be more intense in the first few uses. Slowly the bag stops losing color. Should it stain your clothes, note that it can be easily removed with regular washing.

If well cared for our bags tend to get a charming natural shine with time (patina). Every bag is intrinsically unique due to its handmade nature. Irregularities are normal and part of its aesthetic quality.