Our Story


Each Toino Abel bag is unique, entirely handmade and part of our history.





Our family has dedicated itself through generations to the beautiful handcraft of basket making. Over time our bags have become an icon of Portuguese artisanal craft. 


From the Village to the World


In the recent past our craft became close to extinction. We have now successfully brought it back to life and want to share our heritage with you. 


Hands to Hands


Our bags are made by experienced hands. Every step is strictly manual - from the reed picking on the floodplains to the weaving on our hand looms. When you hold our bags you will feel our hands.


Working with Nature


We love to work with materials that come directly from nature. In return we aim to treat the natural world with respect. We source our materials in Portugal and we only work with vegetable tanned leather - an ancient and sustainable process of leather tanning.


There is no Handcraft without Craftsmen


In order to attract new artisans we believe in supporting them and in fairly rewarding their work. This is how we keep the tradition running. 


Timeless Style


Our bags are loved by a world-wide audience and have been featured in international magazines like Vogue UK, Cut Magazine Germany or Frankie from Australia. Recently we have participated in Madrid Fashion Week in collaboration with fashion brand Ailanto.